What to expect

What I offer:

  • 10min discovery call to find out if RTT can help you.
  • 30min consultation to gather information on how I can support you. (Via zoom)
  • 90mins/120mins therapy session. (Via zoom or face to face)
  • Follow up support

How RTT works:

I will guide you in to a state of hypnosis by simply counting you down ten steps (the feeling of hypnosis is just like the feeling of meditation) you aware of everything around you. I can communicate directly to your sub-conscious mind, where the answer to your mental barriers reside. We review three scenes in your life where the issue originates from.

Together we gather the information so we can truly understand where the core issue came from and how it's impacted your life; we then let go of the negative belief and upgrade to a belief system that will help you achieve your goal. With the help of the bespoke recording, which you listen to for 21 days or longer, you will re-wire your subconscious mind and direct it to the life you desire.

Typically one session is sufficient, but in some cases a maximum of three sessions maybe necessary.

Service Pricing
Weight-loss £150 per session
Anxiety/Stress £150 per session
Confidence/Self esteem £150 per session
Dating/Relationship issues £150 per session
Career issues £150 per session
Insomnia £150 per session
Phobias £150 per session
Stopping smoking £150 per session
Standard hypnotherapy £65 per session