I have struggled with anxiety for a while now, but the last couple of months have been a lot harder. Tracey came to where I work and did a talk. I then realised I needed some help - I contacted Tracey. I was sceptical of RTT, but Tracey was really friendly and made me feel comfortable of how things would be. I had my first session today and 'wow' it was amazing!!, it's left me feeling better about everything, I can't wait to work on myself with the recording she has done for me to reinforce the session. I would definitely recommend Tracey, she is professional and very kind. It will take time but this is the start of the new me.

Laura Jenkins

I've recently had a session with Tracey, her knowledge has really helped me on my journey to start to overcome my emotional and binge eating habits I have. I was slightly nervous to open up about my issues to someone but throughout the whole process Tracey has always been very helpful and professional and her positive and friendly nature made me feel secure enough to open up. During the session it was very emotional and made me really think about my habits and how they had took control over my lifestyle. Tracey was able to help me understand things in a different light and was a real eye opener.

After our session I felt overwhelmed and tired but felt a huge relief after talking to her and really breaking down my thoughts and behaviours which was a real eye opener. Tracey provided a voice recording for me to listen to which was a massive help as it is a daily reminder of the advice she had given me and that's helped me keep on track.
Since having my session with Tracey around a month ago I have noticed a massive difference with a number of things.

Firstly would be my thought process and when there has been moments where I would have turned to food to comfort my emotions I have been able to control myself and logically think about what's best for me.

Secondly is the strength to take control and having Tracey support and advice has allowed me to overcome an unhealthy habit which I had for the majority of my life. Since I've had control over my habit I've naturally lost weight and had a lot more energy which has really benefited me in my life making me much happier. Tracey has been absolutely brilliant throughout the process and couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you for everything.

P. Leicestershire

Following my daughters Eating Disorder and having to take more control with her food intake I decided to have a hypnotherapy session with Tracey. I had an initial consultation via Zoom on what I wanted from the session. Tracey asked me lots of questions about what I wanted which was to gain confidence in myself to take more control with my daughters ED.
Tracey invited me to her house on Sunday 1st May. I was made to feel very relaxed and at home. Tracey had already done a 'script' from our initial consultation. She spoke calmy and softly throughout the session. I was put in a hypnotic state to begin with after Tracey spoke about by calm and sleepy. She then spoke about me taking more control over myself - giving more time to myself so I can then give more time to my daughter and family. The session lasted approx. 30 mins and Tracey recorded the whole session and emailed it over to me. She recommended I listened back to it every night for at least 21 days. I have already listened back for the last 2 nights, both nights I have almost fell asleep whilst listening to it!

The session was very relaxing but also thoughtful as Tracey touched upon aspects of my life that I need to work on. I will continue to listen to the recording for the next 3 weeks and will listen to it as and when after that.

Tracey Powell - Hypnotherapy Review, 1.5.22

Thank you Tracey for our session. You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the offset. It was a real eye-opener for me and allowed me to let out some feelings that I had bottled up for years. I felt so safe with you and you gave me some alternative ways to thinking, which I know will serve me well in the future. I look forward to our next session and thank you for the recording which I am using daily.xx

Michelle Derby UK

Whatever situation you may be experiencing, Tracey is the lady to help you cope with it. Tracey was welcoming, kind, considerate and professional on our first meeting on Zoom, when we discussed my issues, she showed empathy and understanding and I felt no judgement whatsoever. Our face to face meeting was relaxed and I genuinely felt that Tracey wanted to help me. I was put at ease immediately, particularly when she said that she could help me by giving me tools and techniques to help myself. I have had both CBT and counselling in the past which was not successful because unlike Tracey, I was not given the means to deal with my issues: in some instances, talking is just not enough. Thank-you Tracey.

Lisa Foston Cobb Derby